Choosing a Face Scrub September 09 2014

Have you ever wondered which scrub is best for you? It can get confusing shopping for facial scrubs, there are so many to choose from it can make your head spin! Proper exfoliation, removal of dead skin cells and build up on the surface of your skin, is an important part of your skin care regimen so don’t let all the product choices frustrate you. When browsing the skin-care aisle at your local pharmacy, beauty supply store or searching online you will see a wide variety of scrubs including products containing everything from sugar and salt to ground-up pits and seeds. Although the “natural” exfoliators sound nice, such as apricot or almond scrubs, they often contain particles with sharp edges can result in more irritation than exfoliation, leaving your face with tiny scratches that make it more prone to breakouts and broken capillaries. Because of this, it’s best to avoid scrubs with crushed fruit pits, shells, or similar damaging scrub granules. Instead, choose a scrub that uses a gentle exfoliant, like synthetic microbeads, or a chemical exfoliant, such as lactic or glycolic acid. If you are still unsure consult your Esthetician for expert advice.