In 1999, blinc was founded to deliver a new type of mascara to women all over the world. The unique formulations that stayed on whether women blinked, rubbed their eyes or cried made blinc an instant success. Today, blinc remains an innovator in cosmetics and has expanded their product lineup to offer new makeup solutions to help women accentuate and enhance their natural beauty.

blinc eyeliner products now rival the fame of their remarkable mascaras, and it's easy to see why. Like their lash products, the eyeliners are designed to stay in place despite watery eyes or rubbing the eye area. The liquid liners have uniquely engineered brushes that make it easier to get a perfectly straight, even line.

While many women use eyeliner and mascara on a regular basis, not as many women think about the beauty of their brows. blinc is out to change that with their line of brow mousse products that help to sculpt and tame the eyebrows for beautiful results. Easy-to-use, these mousses greatly define and darken brows.

With blinc makeup products discover mascara that doesn't run, eyeliner that doesn't smear and brow cosmetics that darken and define without looking unnatural. Shop the blinc collection today to find the right colors to complete your makeup looks and give you gorgeous eyes.