Noor LED Light Therapy Face Mask

$ 299.00

The Noor LED Light Therapy Face mask uses food grade silicone for flexible and safety for any face. It feels soft and comfortable and allows the mask to rest closely and comfortably on the face without deformation. This material will last a very long time without yellowing. It is resistant to aging and degradation. The use of this antibacterial material provides a safe consumer experience. There is a raised silicone ring around the eyes TO PROTECT THE EYES from being stimulated by LED Lights, and it will not affect the abilioty to watch t.v or read while using the mask! 

90 LED Lights:

RED LED Light - Promotes and helps to improve blood circulation, delay skin aging and stimulate collagen growth to repair damaged and old tissue & tighten the skin.

Wavelength - 622nm

BLUE LED light - Helps reduce oil production..
Wavelength - 463nm

YELLOW LED light - Helps prevent skin drying, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
Wavelength - 592nm

Colorful LED light - YELLOW, BLUE AND RED LED light improve skin imperfections.
Wavelength - 425nm


A remote control to change settings.

  • 4 different - LED light for specific skin concerns.
  • 90 led lights.

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