Blue Light and Your Skin June 21 2021



Today we rely on our electronics now more than we ever have.  Most of us are looking at our phones or are in front of a computer screen for many hours in a day. Because our devices give off blue light we are getting more damaging exposure than you may realize.

Some dermatologists believe spending four eight-hour workdays in front of a computer exposes you to the same amount of energy as 20 minutes in the mid-day sun. It's suggested that exposure to blue light can stimulate the production of free radicals in skin contributing to brown spots and hyperpigmentation such as melasma, and possibly to photoaging and the breakdown of collagen, which leads to wrinkles and skin laxity.

But these effects aren't always noticeable right away. According to Ava Shamban, a board-certified dermatologist in Beverly Hills, "It's like sun exposure, the damage is cumulative,". And a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science states just as blue light can impact your sleep cycle, it can also disrupt the circadian rhythm of skin cells. Your skin's regenerative cycle can get thrown out of whack, potentially causing more skin damage over time.

So what can we do to protect our skin from blue light damage? It really is quite simple. Just like we wear sunscreen outside to protect from the sun we should be wearing a non-chemical sunscreen indoors to shield our skin from the damage we are causing by using our electronic devices.  Zinc, especially in high percentages, is the best defender. 

My recommendation is to find a sunscreen that also contains moisturizer and other good skin care ingredients so you are getting more for your money.  I also love SPF's with tint on days I'm staying home and don't choose to wear foundation.  A little tint covers a multitude of imperfections!

My favorites are Lira (21% zinc) and Dermaquest (18.6% zinc).  Both have regular and tinted moisturizing SPF 30 formulas which also contain antioxidants for additional free radical protection. 

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