4 Key Tips for Springtime Skin Care April 11 2020

1. Lighten up! If you are one of those people who deals with dry skin no matter the season, you can probably disregard this. For my Normal/Combo/Oily skin clients, this one will most likely apply to you. With warmer weather typically comes more oil production, meaning your skin will require a lighter moisturizer and maybe a lighter weight cleanser as well. That is not to say you should stop moisturizing altogether. In fact, neglecting to moisturize your skin can result in and imbalance which leads to excess oil production.  So be sure to find a lightweight moisturizer that keeps your skin happy, healthy and balanced. If you want something that will hydrate your skin amazingly well, while remaining perfectly lightweight, look no further than Lira's Hydra Infusion.  It works great under their Solar Sheild Oil Free SPF 30!

2Start fresh! The cold weather causes buildup of excess dead skin cells on the face, hiding that springtime glow underneath. Exfoliation is key for fresher looking skin so be sure to encorporate a good scrub to your regimen.  I recommend Lira's Mystiq Illuminating Polisher a couple of times a week. And a good tip for scrubs is to use them in the shower.  I keep mine there so I won't forget and it's so much less messy in the shower!

3. Brighten Up!  The gray months and so much time spent inside tend to bring on a change our skin, especially around the eyes.  We often notice darker circles under the eyes and maybe even a few more lines and wrinkles that weren’t there before. Be sure to use a good eye cream that promotes the growth of new collagen leaving the sensitive skin around your eyes bright, firm and glowing.  Lira's Perfecting Eye Creme is my favorite, it has wonderful anti-inflammatory ingredients that heal and brighten around the eye area.

4Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! I can’t stress it enough. Summer may not be here however exposure to the sun’s rays even in spring accelerates the aging process and increase your risk of skin cancer. Use a daily, facial moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. I highly recommend a chemical free SPF with a high percentage of zinc to get the best protection. Lira's Solar Sheild Oil Free SPF 30 contains 21% zinc for maximum sun protection without chemicals.  It's lightweight but also hydrating and it acts like a primer and smooths the skin making it a great primer for under foundation.