Natural Looking Makeup for Summer July 28 2014

Makeup should enhance your features rather than cover them up. A natural looking foundation is very appealing, especially for Summer. Below are some tips on how to create a more natural glowing look so people will notice your beautiful skin instead of your makeup.

The key to creating a natural look with foundation is to match your skin tone. Nothing looks more unnatural than a foundation that doesn't blend with your skin! The best way to get the right shade of foundation is to sample it on your jaw line and leave it there for a few minutes. Look at it in different lights to make sure it blends well with your face and neck. If you are having trouble ask a professional to match it up for you. There are many shades to choose from and it's just a matter of finding your perfect match!

Once you have the right shade of foundation make sure to apply it sparingly so as not to give a masky appearance. For a smoother dewy look be sure to apply a light moisturizer first. If you have a thicker foundation you can even blend a little moisturizer before applying to soften the look.

For those of you who like an even more natural look, try a tinted moisturizer. Many on the market today contain sunscreen and give a light coverage that enhances the skin and evens out the skin tone.

And always remember that beautiful, healthy skin needs less makeup so stick to a good skin care regimen, drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet.