Spring Cleaning April 04 2020


This is part 1 of my series of information and tips for staying beautiful and organized with your skin, products and routine while we all shelter in place. Today I wanted to share some tips on how
to do some Spring cleaning of your skin care products and cosmetics. 
Love it or hate it, it's time to clean up those drawers!



  • Tip 1: Spring Clean. Do you like Spring cleaning? Be it a general clean up of your home, to weeding out your closet, skincare, makeup and more, it is such a great time to declutter and reorganize. Here are some things to consider when going through your skin care products:
  • How long has this been open? If you can’t place a date to how long a product has been open (or at least a general idea of when), it is time to toss it. Much like your food, your skin care products will eventually expire, which can render them useless (or worse, a burden) to your skin. Makeup, particularly eye makeup, can collect bacteria over time so be sure to toss anything that is no longer fresh.
  • Do I really use this? As a clinical esthetician and skin care business owner, it has become natural in my life to be trying out the latest and greatest products on the market. This means I have had to become accustomed to focusing on which products to keep, and which products to toss. If I will most likely not have a need for that product, away it goes. Take a look into your beauty bag (or drawer) and really consider if you are using that product. If the answer is “no but what if…” it is time to say goodbye.
  • Will I use this in the Spring/Summer? If you are like me, your skin care routine changes with the seasons. I tend to reach for heavier, more moisturizing products in the Fall/Winter months, and more lightweight, oil free options during Spring/Summer. If you aren’t going to use those products after the weather changes, and if you know the product will be expired by the time you’d like to use it again, resolve to throw it away once you are no longer using it. 
  • But I feel like I am wasting money. Something that I have come to learn about skin care is that it is very trial and error in nature. What works like magic for your best friend might do nothing (or worse, negative things) for your skin. That being said, it is always wise to be smart with your money. Seek out samples whenever possible, and speak with your esthetician (me!) before purchasing a product to discuss whether or not a product might be appropriate for your skin type and skin care needs.  And if a product isn't right for your face then often times you can use it elsewhere on your body.  For instance a heavier cream that is a favorite during the winter months might be best used on your neck or chest or body during the summertime.



And after you're done with your Spring Cleaning it's a good time to assess your needs for Spring/Summer.  Free consultations are always available at The Skin Studio and now, during this social distancing we can do them via phone call, text, email or messenger.  I am here for you to make the transition into the warmer months and to be sure you have all the right products to