Why Should You Use a Toner? September 30 2014

Have you ever looked at the bottom of a wine glass? Ok I’m not talking about the bottom of the glass after you polish off your wine but the actual bottom of the stem. Even when it’s clean you can often see a build-up from the trace minerals, chlorine and calcium that are in the water that you use to wash with. We see this build-up on our shower walls and sinks too.  Guess what? This build-up is also on your face after you cleanse and rinse with tap water. Not only will this leave your skin feeling dry and tight but it will also prevent your serums and moisturizers from absorbing well. To solve this problem you should have a non-drying toner to apply after cleansing so it will remove the build-up and prepare your skin for the products you are about to apply. With the right toner your skin will look better, feel more hydrated and you will get better results from your moisturizers and serums. For best results,The Skin Studio recommends DermaQuest Hydrating Mist Toner, a professional strength, botanical based product. This alcohol-free toner will refresh dull skin, setting a clean and balanced stage for all skin types. http://www.myskinstudio.com/collections/dermaquest/products/dermaquest-hydrating-mist-toner