What are Stem Cells in Skincare? October 07 2014

We have been hearing a lot about stem cells in skin care but what are they and what do they actually do? The first thing you need to know is that the stem cells used in skincare products are not the same as the controversial human stem cell studies we hear about. Unlike most human cells, each plant-derived stem cell can generate a whole new plant. Scientists have found a way to tap into this ability and research has found a positive link between plant stem cell extracts and anti-aging/anti-wrinkling processes.

The first time I heard about plant stem cell research in skincare was many years ago at a class given by Sam Dhatt, lead chemist, founder and CEO of DermaQuest Skin Therapy. He spoke of a promising stem cell from a swiss apple tree that had unusually resilient stem cells. Sam told us to watch for these stem cells to be used in future skincare formulations. That was just the beginning. Now researchers have found promising stem cells in other fruits and plants such as edelweiss, roses, gardenia, lilac and orange. Applying a product containing these stem cells may encourage the growth of your skin’s own stem cells and possibly trigger their anti-aging effects. Clinical trials have shown certain stem cells to reduce wrinkle depth after two and four weeks, by 8% and 15%.

So what does all this mean for you? Using a serum or cream containing stem cells is another tool in fighting the aging process. Combined with other effective anti-aging ingredients such as peptides and quality moisturizers stem cells are a promising new way to slow the aging process and keep your skin looking young and healthy.