Fall is here and it's time to scrub the Summer away! September 19 2016



Hopefully you had a great Summer and we know it probably involved either a pool or a beach and hopefully some sunscreen! It’s ok, having fun in the Summer is exactly what you should be doing. Enjoying time with friends and family at the beach, at the pool, camping, boating or hiking. Whatever your outdoor pleasure, summer should be spent having fun.

As summer winds down you may be noticing that, while your skin may have a golden glow, it isn’t as vibrant as it was in May. Summer fun can take a toll on your skin.  Excess sun exposure, humidity, and sweating can bring with it all sorts of complications that compromise the skin’s optimal beauty.

A majority of the time, the best way to go about reviving your skin is to scrub Summer away. Exfoliating your skin offers a number of benefits that will put a smile on your face and a healthy glow on your skin. Removing the excess debris and dead skin cells offers a variety of benefits that will give you a refreshed, revitalized look for fall.

Our favorite facial scrub here at The Skin Studio is Agera's Microderma C SystemThe luxury 2 piece kit combines Vitamin C crystals and activating gel to gently sweeps away dead cells, immediately leaving skin smooth and radiant. The Vitamin C crystals exfoliate manually without scratching or irritating the skin to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and improve the overall texture, while further exfoliation and stimulation is produced by the AHA activator gel. Use regularly it increases cell turnover which decreases with age.